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“Women Over 60 who Radiate Light & Vitality” from Hola! Magazine

By Gabriela Marquez from February 20, 2020

Dynamic, full of energy and enthusiasm, eager to continue growing and learning. At 60, the new generation silver defends the advantages of maturity and a renewed vision of beauty.

Turning 60 does not mean the same as before. At this age the current woman is active, dynamic, enthusiastic, more confident than ever, and her voice is heard louder. Restless, they want to conquer new challenges and adventures. They star in a renewed vision of beauty: a positive perception of the age at which they feel beautiful and happy in their years and their skin. To prove it, we convened in the center of Madrid four women, over 60, who dazzle by their talent, ability and experience. Elena, Pepa, María José and Claudia Maria meet for an exceptional photo shoot. They are fun, spontaneous and radiant. Between laughs and confidences they will discover that they trust the same brand to take care of their beauty.

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