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Claudia Maria
Ferreira da Costa

“The reason I speak five languages is because I like to talk, I needed more words and ways to express myself”.

Ageless Media

One of her topics as a speaker is the ageless portrayal of women, as innovators, trend setters and inspiration for the younger generation.
In the world bombarded with mixed messages in advertising and media, it’s time we, the Baby Boomers, show the world we are a force to be reckoned with, therefore we should dictate the narrative of this message.
Age is not a disease, nor a condition, but rather an armour that strengthen one’s game of life.

Sports Beyond Youth

Fencing helped me find my strength and tenacity in my worst hours, those unforeseen challenges propelled me to confront the infinite unknown and become a champion of my life.
I want to inspire those who think twilight is inevitable to ignite their passions and to instigate them to reinvent themselves, by exploring the power of the mental strength a sport can offer you. Finding the fighting core within you, that fearless place which reside within all of us is paramount to good health and overall happiness.

Call to Arms

Often this conversation of age leads us to ideas and words such as peaceful, graceful, and passive, I aim to blow these archaic ideas right out of the water, and instead help you see the future as a war, to be fought with gusto and valour.
Life is never won, it’s a constant battle and we better love the trenches and learn to thrive in it, sports trains you to take on defeat and recalibrate your mind to surmount the next challenge.
We women have been conditioned to yield, but we live in an unprecedented time, and we have extraordinary means to adapt, and reject any barriers, we are creatures of the future, therefore we must take ownership of our vessels and steer it to our whim, so our sons and daughter will enjoy a perhaps more peaceful future.