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SPA Insider Claudia Maria Ferreira da Costa

An interview with Claudia.

Mrs da Costa, the generation of the Silver Ager is becoming more and more present in fashion and beauty. Is 60 the new 40?

“I’m not sure if the 60 is the new 40’s or actually the new 30’s. Women in their 60’s are reinventing themselves in ways only younger women would dare, I certainly don’t limit myself to numbers and labels, and many of my friendships are with younger women and I don’t feel at all out of step. I also practice cross mentorship with some young professional fencers, where they inspire my fencing and I guide them into extending their professional athletic careers into modeling. I think the fashion beauty industry needs to smarten up and take into account demographics, we “Baby Boomers” are a huge force to be reckoned with. We are tired of being represented by women who are decades younger than us. Honestly I see fashion brands utilizing girls, not even women, at this point in time it’s even ridiculous. Frankly, I think most women would rather see Cindy Crawford in a ad or editorial than her daughter.

That’s why I’m so impressed that Clarins has definitely embraced the new world of real women, and this should not be a trend, but the new norm. I tell women to demand more, and we, the consumers should dictate the visual message of our time. Don’t get me wrong I love seeing youth and beauty, but we need more realness and diversity as far as age and ethnicity is concerned. I was beyond pleased to be featured in the same magazine recently with the legendary Gisele, as far as I know we are the only two Brazilian models who are representing a major cosmetic campaign at this moment, but she is no “spring chicken” either, well done!”

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