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“Gray-haired Muses” from Coop

By Tatiana Tissot from January 31, 2020

The world of beauty and fashion is often singled out for its youthfulness. On glossy paper as in advertising spots, this magnetism for youth leaves little room for the representation of other generations. Too bad, right? By making women over the age of 50 invisible, we cut younger readers out of so many role models to turn to. And for women of these generations, alter ego to identify with.

Over 50s do their number on glossy paper

Cosmetic brands have understood that there is a card to play. For example, last year, L’Oréal collaborated with Vogue UK to publish an issue entirely produced by and celebrating women 50 and over – including models. Released in April 2019 at 250,000 copies, it would have according to official press releases “been also appreciated by the young readership of the fashion magazine”. A real marketing coup.

Gray manes

Even when shown on glossy paper, mature women rarely have gray hair. It still appears to be a daring bias. It is not that women should assume their white hair and do without dye, not at all, it remains a personal choice. But we should see media representations of dynamic women with gray temples, as we see in real life.

Where we can hope to see the silver streaks of the “Silver Generation” is in advertisements for anti-aging treatments. Let’s see. Jane Fonda, L’Oréal muse since 1997? No, the dynamic actress and activist of 81 years old sports blond hair. Another face of the brand, British actress Helen Mirren, 74, shows her white hair and elegant cut. Senior model Maye Musk, 71, also assumes her gray hair. This has something refreshing!

Besides, gray hair no longer seems to be synonymous with old age for young hipsters, who readily dye this color …

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