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Claudia Maria
Ferreira da Costa

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Member of:
International Fencing Federation (FIE)
Confederação Brasileira de Esgrima
Fédération Française D’Escrime
USA Fencing



Claudia Maria started fencing in 2006, at the time her twin boys were young, and she was looking for a dynamic sport to practice besides skiing.

Claudia Maria was curious about fencing, especially because her late father had been a fencer in his youth, so she decided to attend an open house at Santa Fe Fencing Foundation. She immediately started training. Three months later she participated in her first competition, and never looked back. The sport has become a passion, and an indispensable part of her life.

Claudia Maria has participated in open competitions in the United States, and the US Summer Nationals Vet events, where she earned the bronze medal in Atlanta in 2010.

She has also fenced at the prestigious Alliance Fencing Academy in Houston and has been coached by Andrey Geva, who coached for team USA at Rio Olympics.

Beginning in 2016, Claudia Maria has been representing her native country of Brazil internationally. She participated at The World Veterans Championships in Germany, Slovenia, Italy and Egypt. She is currently training for this year’s event in Croatia.

Claudia Maria has been fencing for many years in France at the historic Cercle Militaire in Paris, under the guidance of Master Bernard Delmas. Currently, she is training and preparing for her next event with Maestro Daniel Levavasseur.

World Vet Championship 2017, Maribor, Slovenia

Current Fencing Goals

To represent Brazil with respect, integrity and sportsmanship.

Help promote the sport throughout the world, and demonstrate how women of any age can compete in a very complex sport in an international level.

Earn a medal at the World Vet Championship in Croatia.