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Claudia Maria
Ferreira da Costa

Claudia Maria is a Brazilian model that stands out for her elegance and presence; her platinum hair is something that characterizes her sense of freedom, and her natural beauty scored her the role as the face of Clarins, a global cosmetic powerhouse.

In addition to her modeling career, Claudia began practicing fencing in 2006 when she was seeking a dynamic sport besides skiing. Fencing quickly became a source of challenge to test the limits, her comfort zone, and to go beyond.

In her early forties, having toddler twins at home, Claudia wanted to venture into something that connected her to her past, and her father, whom she knew had practiced the sport in his youth. An open house at Santa Fe Fencing Foundation led her to this new era in her life, which has not only been tremendously exciting but also a huge source of inner strength and self discovery.

Three months after the introduction to fencing, and having never done anything competitive, Claudia participated in her first competition. Since then, she has never looked back and the sport has become a passion and an indispensable part of her life. Since 2016 she has been representing her native country, Brazil, internationally, participating in the World Veterans Championship in Germany, Slovenia, Italy and Cairo.

Claudia’s goals are to represent Brazil with respect, integrity and sportsmanship and to help promote this incomparable sport worldwide and demonstrate how women of any age can compete and still test their skills in the international arena. She is currently a self-described nomad working globally, going wherever brands are looking for the voice and image of a woman with unapologetic ownership of her age and life experience.


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